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Our Practice More than a med spa


No Surgery, No Downtime, No Pain (Well, Little to None :))

Beatitude clients want non-surgical solutions for problems like wrinkles, sun-damaged/sagging skin, acne/scars, and fat/cellulite. They want cosmetic improvements now and also to proactively engage in anti-aging maintenance regimen. They do not want the risks of surgery and potentially unnatural-looking results. Also, they are busy working men and women, professionals, retirees, and students who cannot take 2 weeks of oozing, redness, and peeling skin. Beatitude has always specialized in procedures that have little to no down time.

Effective and Safe Treatments

When Beatitude first opened, IPL or Fotofacial and fractional CO2 were the only facial rejuvenation procedures that were available, but they were not safe for darker skin types. It wasn’t even safe for Far East Asians like Dr. Chang! So, safety was always Dr. Chang’s priority. Over the years, she has amassed tools that can be used on all skin colors to tighten, brighten, smooth, and stimulate collagen for more youthful and healthier looking skin.

Latest and Best Aesthetic Tools

Dr. Chang has been at the leading edge of the growth of aesthetic industry. She is constantly looking for better tools to deliver faster and better results SAFELY. She was one of the first in the nation to offer eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation for safely resurfacing ethnic skin; Venus Freeze for tightening and body shaping; platelet-rich plasma for facial rejuvenation; Clear & Brilliant and Permea lasers for facial rejuvenation; SkinFinity, a more powerful fractional RF for resurfacing; MiraDry for excessive underarm sweating; and Vanquish for nonsurgical fat reduction. Her Candela GentleMax laser has been voted the best laser hair device among physicians. She has every generation of skin tightening devices invented from the monopolar RF Thermage to bipolar RF ReFirme to multipolar RF Venus Freeze to the latest focused-ultrasound Ultherapy. Even her esthetician has the latest and best tools including HydrFacial, Silk Peel, Parisian Peel Suffusion, Echo Oxygen, and Omnilux Light Therapy.

Allergan’s Platinum Plus Injector

Dr. Chang is a Platinum Plus Injector with Allergan, the maker of Botox, Juvederm and Voluma. In the U.S., 5% of all Allergan physician accounts are Platinum Plus or higher. Often these accounts have multiple injectors (doctors and nurses.) Only 3% of their accounts have attained this status as a single injector like Dr. Chang. The bottom line is that Dr. Chang does a whole lot of business with Allergan which means that she does a lot of injectables!

Enhance Each Person’s Natural Beauty

Dr. Chang is humbled by each person’s unique beauty. She is a big fan of tightening procedures, safe resurfacing, and facials because they can only enhance each person’s natural beauty. Although she loves injectables for their immediate results (see Allergan’s Platinum Plus Injector), she is very concerned that American women are being inappropriately- or overly-injected and looking very unnatural. Dr. Chang addresses not only volume-loss and wrinkles but also balance, harmony, and age-appropriateness of her cosmetic interventions. Many of her Botox and Filler clients have told her that they’ve gotten the most natural-looking results with her and would not go anywhere else! See our Injectible section for more information.

Options for Acne Clients Beyond the Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy for acne consists of topical creams (antibiotics, tretinoins, and benzoyl peroxide), oral antibiotics, and Accutane. Most of our clients have gone through this traditional therapy route, some even Accutane. Many were not able to tolerate the side effects of the treatments. Even when the treatments were effective, they were not sustainable solutions for our clients. We’ve been able to combine Light & Laser procedures, facials, and high quality skin care products to control acne, improve scars, and achieve healthier and glowing skin.

Changing Lives One Client at a Time

Dr. Chang and her staff have always been committed to excellence in our work. What we did not expect was the life-changing nature of our work. Whether it’s acne, wrinkles, or pigmentation, these issues sometimes negatively affect a person’s self-image, which spills over into all realms of their lives. It’s always so rewarding for Dr. Chang and her staff to see our clients “blossom” into their natural beauty and go live their lives.

Customized Treatments

Every Beatitude client presents with different issues, budgets, and lifestyle. It’s important to talk through what kind of results they’re looking for and whether those can be achieved on their budget and lifestyle. Of course, the problem with which the client is presenting is a logical starting point. Sometimes, it can be easily addressed directly – for example, Botox injection for frown lines. Other times, it’s a much more complex issue. For example, many people are bothered by their nasolabial folds – deep lines running from the corners of the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. These lines are often a symptom of volume loss in the mid face and sagging skin. After talking through the issues, some clients will do filler in the mid face first, while others will do tightening first.

The Doctor is Always In

Beatitude is Dr. Chang’s full time practice. With rare exceptions, she does all new consultations. She has a full time nurse who does limited procedures such as laser hair removal, body shaping, tightening, and Mira-Dry, and an esthetician for facials. All other facial procedures and all injectables are done by Dr. Chang.

Great Value and Reward Points

Dr. Chang and her staff are passionate about giving our clients good value and return on their investment. Sometimes what the client wants is not the best value for the amount they’re willing to spend. For example, we’ve seen clients who want Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) after seeing a segment on TV show. Dr. Chang is a huge fan of Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) by itself or in combination with lasers or fillers; however, it may not be the best treatment for that client. She will explain what PRP can achieve and offer a different treatment which can give that client better results than PRP. We’re always mindful of giving good value to our clients.

Reward Points (RP) are another way we show our appreciation for our clients’ loyalty. 10% of every purchase accumulates as RP. They can be used to discount services like facials and laser procedures. Clients can get up to 50% discount if they have enough RP.

There are also monthly promotions, Botox Club, drawings for referrals, Buy 4 Products Get 1 Free special, and special coupons throughout the year to save big at Beatitude. Diverse Clients from All Over San Diego County and Beyond Age range of our clients range from a handful of teenagers all the way to young octagenarians. However, most of our clients are 25-65 years old. About 15% of our clients are men. The diversity within our practice reflects the population of San Diego: 50-60% Caucasians, 20-30% Hispanics, and the rest Asian-Ameriacans and African-Americans.

Our clients come from all over the San Diego County from Ocean Side, Temecula, Chula Vista, and Yuma. We have some die-hard fans who drive from LA/OC, Arizona, and Mexico. They tell us that it’s difficult to find a medspa that delivers the range and the quality of services that we deliver.

Personalized Friendly Service in a Comfortable Setting

We are a small practice with a staff of four. We develop long term relationships with many of our clients. Our clients appreciate the personalized service they receive at Beatitude along with our welcoming and relaxing environment.

Centrally Located with Convenient Hours

We draw clients from all over the San Diego County with easy access to highways 8, 5, 15, and 163.

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.