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What to Expect When Visiting Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine

Are you looking for a physician who delivers on non-surgical, natural-looking cosmetic results with a quality, personalized service?  Do you value a doctor who delivers substantive information with honesty, transparency, consistency and sincerity and who relentlessly seeks solutions for the unique cosmetic challenges each patient brings?  Do you want a doctor who thinks that your face is a uniquely beautiful work of art and gets excited for the privilege to partake in the restoration process of a masterpiece?  Is it important for you that your doctor is happy to see you and is concerned for your entire personhood?  Then, we welcome you at Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine.

Here are some tips for a happy and successful relationship with Dr. Chang at Beatitude:

  1. Come prepared to dialogue.
    Dr. Chang will ask lots of questions to understand what bothers you and what your expectations are.  She wants to deliver results for her patients and to make sure that they’ll be happy.  Yes, bring your questions but also be prepared to listen to the substance of the information given.  Medicine itself is filled with uncertainties due to each patient’s individual responses to treatments based on their genetics and lifestyles.  Aesthetic Medicine is even more unique in that these procedures are completely voluntary with so many options.  Successful Beatitude patients relay their concerns to Dr. Chang – be they pain, down time, budget, results – so that she can find solutions.
  2. Be open-minded to different personalities and styles of communication.
    If something Dr. Chang or her staff says bothers you, let us know at the time so that we can address the misunderstanding immediately.  It’s a completely unnecessary tragedy when the patient says nothing, seethes for months and then publicly engages in vicious personal attacks.  That kind of irresponsible and immature actions coarsens us and ultimately hurts the community in which we all live.  Successful Beatitude patients seek effective communication to limit any misunderstandings.
  3. Dr. Chang does not “up-sell.”  She answers your questions.
    Always remember that you are the consumer and in control of your wallet.  Dr. Chang is merely informing you of your options.  If you tell her that you want more results for your Botox, she will likely tell you that you’ll need to do more units.  Her answers are based on your complaints and questions about your face/body and treatments.
  4. Cosmetic treatments are expensive.  The results are temporary, and because all patients continue to age, maintenance treatments are required.
    Dr. Chang will be the first to tell you that you don’t NEED any of these treatments, that human beings have aged gracefully for thousands of years and that we are the first generation to have access to these marvelous innovations.  And it costs to look younger.  Dr. Chang does not know your finances and does not assume who can or cannot afford treatments.  Do you do the minimum required exercise or do you invest hours every day in your health?  Successful patients prioritize, spend what they budget and appreciate Dr. Chang’s guidance for making good cosmetic investments. 
  5. Dr. Chang strives for professionalism permeated with humanity.Dr. Chang understands that the nature of cosmetic work is very personal.  She understands the deep-seated psychological impact of aging face or acne scars on some patients.  She respects each patient’s personal space and boundaries, and she does her utmost to make the patients feel comfortable.  Dr. Chang is empathic and will laugh with those who laugh and cry with those who are in pain.  Successful Beatitude patients appreciate Dr. Chang’s professionalism permeated with humanity, humility and humor (somewhere between Erma Bombeck and C.S. Lewis. )
  6. Patient-Physician relationship is a two-way street.  Be prepared to hear “No.”
    Are your expectations unrealistic in terms of results and budget?  Do you want fillers in areas which Dr. Chang believes will not be flattering to your face?  Is your life very busy and you frequently forget or cancel appointments at the last minute?  Are you constantly collecting information but reluctant to take any actual steps towards your goal?  Are you NOT interested in the opinion of 30 years-experienced physician who has been at the forefront of the cosmetic revolution since 2008?  If so, Dr. Chang and you might not be a “good fit” and she will decline to take you on as a patient FOR YOUR SAKE.  Every patient deserves a doctor who rallies for them wholeheartedly.  If Dr. Chang believes that the dynamics of the relationship limits her effectiveness, she will decline or discharge you from her practice.
  7. Save the Haggling for the Flea Market.
    Beatitude does not engage in haggling.  We have transparent, fair and consistent pricing, built-in reward point structure and regular promotions that apply fairly and consistently to every patient.  We show appreciation for every patient who puts their trust and confidence in us.  If the first impression you make on Dr. Chang is pressured haggling, there’s a high chance that she will not take you on as a patient.
  8. Be willing to try other doctors and clinics but don’t burn the bridge at Beatitude.
    In spite of Dr. Chang’s relentless efforts to keep her patients – from all walks of life presenting with all kinds of cosmetic challenges – satisfied, if you find yourself unhappy with whatever or whomever at Beatitude, we encourage you to explore other cosmetic clinics in San Diego.  Dr. Chang understands that she may not be able to meet every patient’s expectations and needs.  We assume that patients will search for their happy place.  But don’t burn your bridge at Beatitude.  Many successful Beatitude patients return to Beatitude more appreciative of Dr. Chang.
Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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