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I am 100% pleased with the treatments…

I have been going to Beatitude for a couple of months now and I am 100% pleased with the treatments that Dr. Chang and I chose together. Dr. Chang is so conscientious and knew exactly what my skin needed. Robin Nichols is a skillful Esthetician and I love her facials. Scotty is so pleasant and funny and I love it when he greets me at the front desk. The customer service at Beatitude is the best I have experienced in a long time and I know you are going to be pleased with whatever service you decide to get. Beatitude offers a great line of products for your skin. Just try it, you cannot go wrong. – Kris Rumar

My face has never been smoother, softer or brighter.

I decided to come to Beatitude after I found myself too ashamed and embarrassed to go to work. My face looked horrible and my self-confidence was the lowest it had ever been. At 28 years old, my skin should not look like that of a teenager, and this made me very uncomfortable both in public and personal relationships. From the first week after seeing Dr. Chang, I noticed a huge difference. The procedures along with the products I used every day, transformed my skin. My face has never been smoother, softer or brighter.

You will not be disappointed; I can promise you that!

Everyone at Beatitude really cares about each patient and together they develop a game plan to get the best results possible, in the shortest amount of time, with little downtime. Today, I am simply a happier, more confident woman, and I only have Dr. Chang and Beatitude to thank. I would recommend Beatitude to my closest friends and family with no hesitation. It is worth the small investment for such a large return; and, Beatitude has the lowest prices on all the latest treatments, so you don’t have to spend a fortune! If you are struggling with self-consciousness in any physical aspect, whether it is acne, wrinkles, unwanted hair… etc., I urge you to give Beatitude and Dr. Chang a try. You will not be disappointed; I can promise you that. – Sara Steed

With various treatments and good skin care, there has been a huge change.

I definitely walked in to Beatitude looking more like a prune. However, with various treatments and good skin care, there has been a huge change. I get compliments often on how great my skin looks. And thanks to such a great, friendly staff, I look forward to coming in for my treatments. Dr. Chang and Sir Scott, you both have great hearts! The specials are much appreciated as well. Many blessings for your awesome service! – Sheyen DeLuz

What a difference!

As a 66 year-old woman, I didn’t consider much could be done to make my skin look and feel better; however, having come to your clinic I was surprised to find how delightfully wrong I was. In the past few months I have lost the brown spots, reduced the crow’s feet, firmed up the cheeks and chin and grown lovely long eyelashes. What a difference! So much so, that my husband was impressed to the point that he was motivated to partake of your services as well. Even though he has had only a few procedures we are both pleased with the difference in his looks, and he just turned 70. We didn’t expect to look like we did when we were 20, but the results were decidedly better than we had anticipated.

Beatitude made our experience very comfortable.

Dr. Chang, Robin, and Scott (not to mention Rusty and Cookie) have certainly made our experience very comfortable. We feel like you have become friends and we would readily recommend you, and we have, to anyone in our circle. – Sharon & Rod Boyette

The transformation of my skin is miraculous!

When I first came to Beatitude my acne was so severe that it caused me not only pain, but also embarrassment. My issues with my skin held me back from enjoying my first year in college to the fullest extent possible. Thankfully, Beatitude restored my confidence. My newest treatments stopped most of my acne breakouts and the transformation of my skin is miraculous. Now I can go out make-up free without worrying about how my skin looks! – Danielle Lee

I lost 3 inches in fat…

Velashape provided by the staff at Beatitude is an effective, new treatment for fat reduction and cellulite removal. I lost 3 inches in fat after 6 treatments on my stomach. I noticed small differences in the firmness and tone of my skin right away. The treatment really works. It’s great because there is no surgery scars or downtime. Velashape is comfortable and becomes a more comfortable procedure as the treatments go on. It feels like a warm deep tissue massage. I did no extra exercising or diets while doing my treatments. – Brook Wallhauser

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Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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