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What Can I Do About Embarrassing Underarm Sweat?

What are you thinking about right now? If you’re worrying about underarm sweat, come see Dr. Chang at Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine and Acne Center. We offer miraDry®, a non-surgical, permanent solution to excessive underarm sweating. What will you think about when you no longer have to worry about your sweat?

miraDry: The Solution to Excessive Underarm Sweating
miraDry is a special device that targets and destroys sweat and odor glands using high powered energy. Once destroyed the sweat glands don’t regenerate, so miraDry treatment provides permanent results.

During the treatment we’ll numb the area under your arm to ensure your comfort. The device is placed on your skin and activated. Gentle suction is applied to pull the sweat glands closer to the treatment device. Most patients feel little during the treatment. After miraDry you may experience swelling, soreness, tenderness, and numbness. This is normal and should fade quickly. Most patients can return to work immediately and can exercise within a week.

Do I Need miraDry?
If you have excessive sweating, miraDry is the solution. What is excessive sweating? You may benefit from miraDry if:

●     You worry about underarm odor or wetness, even with deodorant.

●     You are constantly trying new antiperspirants, looking for one that works.

●     You choose clothing that hides sweat.

●     You change clothing more than once a day due to underarm wetness/sweat.

●     You are embarrassed by underarm sweat.

If you’re embarrassed by underarm sweating, come see if miraDry is right for you.

Is miraDry Safe?
This device has been used around the world in more than 40,000 treatments with an excellent safety record. The miraDry treatment is safe and effective. There are no reports of permanent negative side effects. Swelling, redness, tenderness, etc. is temporary and fades within a few days. Dr. Chang has carefully evaluated this treatment to ensure safety for each of her patients.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
You’ll see results from miraDry after your very first treatment. Some patients need more than one treatment. Dr. Chang can help you determine how many miraDry treatments you’ll need.

Stop worrying about sweat! Learn more about miraDry.

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.