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Pigmentation & Melasma

What Are Pigmentation Issues and Melasma?

Pigmentation issues can range from freckles to solar lentigines (brown spots from sun damage) to benign pigmented conditions like seborrheic keratoses and skin tags. Treatments can vary from lasers to light devices to burning or freezing of lesions. Melasma is a hormonal pigmentation seen in women. It’s been called “mask of pregnancy.” It’s also a potential side effect of birth control pills.

Challenges of Treating Pigmentary Disorders in Sunny California

Pigmentary conditions are the result of sun damage or exacerbated by sun exposure. Therefore, treatment of these conditions can be difficult in clients who continue significant sun exposure. Worse, treatments can cause blistering, hyperpigmentation and scarring in these clients.

Challenges of Treating Pigmentary Disorders in Darker Skin Types

Some devices target melanin in the pigment condition (elos Fotofacial, Lutronic Clarity laser), and darker skin types have more melanin in their skin. Therefore, darker skin types will be at greater risk of burn. Some lighter Asians and Hispanics will be able to do the treatments but they will need more treatments than lighter Caucasians.

Which Pigmentation Treatments Are Available at Beatitude?

Pigment specific treatments include Fotofacial and Clarity laser. These devices are safe for lighter clients only. In darker skin types, we use resurfacing treatments (Fraxel DUAL laser, and SkinFinity). Most of our clients require maintenance brightening or lightening creams.

Light Skin

Dark Skin

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Typically a series is recommended for best results 1-3 for mild-moderate cases and 3-5 for more severe cases.

What Are the Costs of Pigmentation/Melasma Treatments?

Treatment costs range from $400-$999 to start.

How Do I Get Started?

Call Beatitude at 619-280-1609. When you come in, you’ll fill out a quick medical history form. Then, Dr. Chang will meet with you to discuss your concerns, goals, budget, and lifestyle that can affect your treatment recommendations. The consultation generally takes 5-15 minutes.

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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