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Liquid Facelift

A Liquid Facelift is an anti-aging procedure that uses cosmetic injectables to create a non-surgical facelift. Since the process is much like shaping and sculpting the face and neck, a liquid facelift requires the skilled hand of a physician with an anesthetically sophisticated eye. Otherwise, you risk looking puffy and overdone. So, only trust your liquid facelift to someone like Dr. Chang, a highly experienced and credentialed injector.

Dr. Chang is a Platinum Plus Injector with Allergan, the maker of Juvederm®, Juvederm Voluma®, and Botox®. In the U.S., 5% of all Allergan physician accounts are Platinum Plus or higher. Often, these accounts have multiple injectors (doctors and nurses). Only 3% of their accounts have attained this status as a single injector like Dr. Chang. Why trust your liquid facelift to someone without this status?

Rest assured that Dr. Chang’s liquid facelifts are dramatic but invisible to others. People will just remark that you look terrific!

How does Liquid Facelift work?

Dr. Chang will evaluate your skin thoroughly and devise a plan for a younger looking you. She will determine the best injectable for each area where there are lines, wrinkles, folds, hollows, or sagging skin. These injectables could include Radiesse, Juvederm, or Juvederm Voluma dermal fillers and Botox neurotoxin injections. Each of these injectables has its own properties.

Types of Injectables

Botox smooths wrinkles that are caused by muscle activity, while dermal fillers add volume where it has been lost, creating an overall fuller, more youthful appearance. Some dermal fillers also help to strengthen skin structure and lift sagging areas.

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxylapatite and is excellent for sunken or hollowed areas. It continues to improve your appearance over a period of months as it stimulates the production of new collagen.

Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance already present in the body. Juvederm softens moderate to severe lines and wrinkles and can also be used to plump the lips. Juvederm Voluma is injected a bit deeper into the skin to fill hollowed areas, lift sagging skin, and restore a rounder contour to flattened cheeks.

Who is a candidate for Liquid Facelift?

Good candidates for a Liquid Facelift are adults who have significant signs of aging but not enough to merit facelift surgery. Liquid Facelift, in fact, can potentially delay or eliminate the need for a surgical facelift. All skin types and skin tones can benefit from a Liquid Facelift.

What can I expect from Liquid Facelift?

A topical cream will be used to anesthetize the injection sites. Dr. Chang will then use fine needles to inject the various dermal fillers into the skin. Some injections will be placed deeper than others depending upon the wrinkles being treated. A number of injections will be done in order to provide the optimal anti-aging effect.

What does recovery from Liquid Facelift require?

While there is no down time required after a Liquid Facelift, you can expect some swelling, tenderness, and bruising. No two patients are the same, so some will bruise more than others. These symptoms should cease within a few days.

How long do the results of Liquid Facelift last?

  • Botox injections last about 4 months.
  • Radiesse injections last up to a year.
  • Juvederm injections last 6-8 months.
  • Juvederm Voluma injections can last as long as 2 years for some clients.

Dr. Chang will take these differences into consideration in order to provide you with a Liquid Facelift that is as long-lasting as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Call Beatitude at 619-280-1609. When you come in, you’ll fill out a quick medical history form. Then, Dr. Chang will meet with you to discuss your concerns, goals, budget, and lifestyle that can affect your treatment recommendations. The consultation generally takes 5-15 minutes.

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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