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What to Expect from Thermage Skin-Tightening Treatment

Have you noticed your complexion isn’t as tight and smooth as it used to be? If the “gift” of gravity has caused your skin to wrinkle and sag with age, a surgical facelift isn’t your only option for restoring the youthful qualities you desire. Thermage CPT (Comfort Plus Technology) is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure that improves the signs of aging without the need for invasive surgery, incisions, or scars.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage uses advanced radiofrequency energy to heat the deep and superficial layers of the skin. This immediately tightens existing collagen structures and stimulates collagen production for continued growth for up to six months. It produces an instantaneous reduction in wrinkles, jowls, and sagging skin wherever you need a visible “lift.” Thermage is typically performed on the cheeks, forehead, jaw line and neck, though it can be effective on other parts of the body.

What can the Thermage CPT procedure do?

If you want to rejuvenate your face without going under the knife, Thermage may be the ideal treatment for you. The procedure is painless, non-invasive, and produces subtle, yet noticeable results. Specifically, Thermage can:

    • Smooth and tighten the skin on your face and neck
    • Redefine contours along the jaw line and chin
    • Improve sagging upper eyelids
    • Soften mild to moderate wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead
    • Stimulate natural collagen production
    • Improve the texture of your skin

Thermage is often referred to as the “lunchtime facelift” because you can resume your daily activities immediately following treatment. You’ll look amazing, yet no one will know you’ve had a cosmetic procedure!

What can I expect from a Thermage skin-tightening treatment in San Diego?

First, the dermis is cooled with a cryogenic spray so the visible layers of your skin are not damaged. Then, a specially designed treatment tip is placed on your skin in the areas you want to be treated. You’ll notice a brief, deep heating sensation every time the ThermaTipTM is applied to your face or neck. Each pulse lasts between two and seven seconds. In this stage, the radiofrequency energy is penetrating the deep layers of your skin to rejuvenate existing collagen structures and stimulate new growth. Finally, you’ll receive another delivery of cryogen spray to cool the surface of your skin. That’s it!

Each Thermage skin-tightening treatment lasts between one and two hours, and the entire procedure from start to finish is painless. There are no incisions, no downtime, and no anesthesia. At most, Dr. Chang will recommend Tylenol to alleviate any mild discomfort during and after the treatment. Side effects are rare and generally minor. Some patients experience mild redness, bumps, and blisters, which typically disappear on their own within a few days.

How long do Thermage wrinkle reducing results last?

Thermage results vary between patients, and those with healthier skin tend to notice the best results. Once you leave our office, your skin will be noticeably tighter and firmer. However, one of the biggest advantages to Thermage is that your appearance will improve in the months following treatment, as collagen continues to rebuild and renew. There are no follow-up treatments required, and the skin-tightening effects of Thermage last between one and three years.

Come to Beatitude to experience the amazing, skin-tightening effects of Thermage!

At Beatitude, we’re proud to offer Thermage to patients who want to rejuvenate their appearance without the risks or downtime associated with a surgical facelift. In less than two hours, you can achieve the natural-looking results you desire without ever revealing your little secret. Give us a call to learn more about Thermage and to schedule your consultation!

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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