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October Botox & filler specials in San Diego at Beatitidue Aesthetic Medicine. (619) 280-1609

Botox & Fillers

  • Botox: 20 units Free with any 2 Syringes of Allergan Fillers*
  • Botox: 30 units Free with any 3 Syringes of Allergan Fillers*
  • Allergan Fillers: Buy Four Get One Free (cannot be combined w/ Botox promo)
  • Bellafill: $800 Per Syringe (reg $1000). Minimum purchase of 2 syringes.
  • Bellafill: Buy Four Get One Free $3600 (reg $4500)
  • Restylane and Versa Fillers: 10% Off ($550-$695 each syringe)
  • Sculptra: 2 Vials for $1590 and receive FREE Clarity Laser ($400 value)

*Voluma or Vollure or Juvederm Ultra ($499-$795 per syringe)

NEW Genius Plus Treatments and Maintenance Package

  • Genius 2-Pack Face $1595 (reg $1990) | Face/Neck $1995 (reg $2590)
    • Your anti-aging maintenance for the year – 2 treatments 6 months apart
  • Genius Plus Fraxel Face $1395 (reg $1890) | Face/Neck $1695 (reg $2495)
    • Additional textural improvement or brightening/skin rejuvenation
  • Genius Plus Pixel RF Face/Neck $1595 (reg $1995)
    • For heavier jowls and neck tightening

PDO Absorbable Threads for Tightening, Lifting and Skin Rejuvenation

  • 20% Off all PDO and PLLA Absorbable Threads
  • 100 Smooth PDO Threads $2495 (reg $3500)
    • Tightening, face-shaping, collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation.
  • For Lifting Lower Face or Jowls/Under Chin Sagging $2995 (reg $4040)
    • Includes 6 Barbed PDO/side and 20 Smooth Threads.

Resurfacing Treatments for Textural Improvement and Skin Rejuvenation

  • Fraxel DUAL or FracFinity for sun damage, actinic keratoses and texture
    • Face $699 (reg $895)
    • Face/Neck or Neck/Chest $899 (reg $1200)
  • Fraxel 1927 Plus Clarity best treatment to clean up brown spots/sun damage
    • Face $995 (reg $1295)
    • Face/Neck or Neck/Chest $1295 (reg $1600)
  • Kitchen Sink Face/Neck or Neck/Chest $1995 (reg $2795)
    • Fraxel/Fracfinity + Clarity Laser + 2 Vials of PRP for maximum skin rejuvenation
  • VIVA-Derm*  2 Areas (F/N, N/Chest or Arms) $895 (reg $1860). Add Facial for $99.
  • VIVA*  Face $495 (reg $800). Face/Neck $595 (reg $1200). Add Facial for $99.

* Treatments performed by Beatitude Staff. Otherwise performed by Dr. Chang.

Esthetician Treatments

  • 20% Off 3-Pack Custom and Advanced Facials

Tightening Treatments With No Down Time

  • Ulthera Full Face 2 Depths $2495 (reg $3295)
  • Exilis* 3-Pack Jowls/Chin Strap $995 (reg $1950) or Crow’s Feet $995 (reg $1350)
  • Thermage* 20% Off Face/Neck or Body (reg $1995 per tip)
  • Venus Freeze* F/N 50% Off (reg $300)
  • NEW Plasma Pen “Fibroblasting” Treatments 20% Off
  • Exilis* Body Shaping 50% Off – Great for Stomach, Love Handles, Bra Bulges

* Treatments performed by Beatitude Staff. Otherwise performed by Dr. Chang.

Medical Treatments

  • Ultra Femme 360 for Feminine Rejuvenation 3-Pack $1995 (reg $2995)
    • Improves laxity, dryness, stress incontinence, and sex. No pain/down time.
  • MiraDry for Excessive Underarm Sweat, Odor, and Hair $1895
    • FDA-cleared for permanent reduction of sweat, odor, and hair with single treatment
  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma Injections for Female Hair Loss $2495 (reg $3160)
  • Emsella* Treatment for Urinary Incontinence 6-Pack $1495 (reg $1995)
    • Electromagnetic treatment that delivers equivalent to 11,000 Kegels. Just sit in a chair for 25 minutes each time. No need to take off clothes!!! Twice weekly treatments for 3 weeks. No pain/down time. Improves both stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence.

* Treatments performed by Beatitude Staff. Otherwise performed by Dr. Chang.

Take Extra 10% Off with Reward Points

If you have a lot of Reward Points, it may be more cost effective to use them and get additional 10% off services like facials and laser/device treatments. Reward Points cannot be combined with any promotions, including those mentioned on this page.

Too much information and don’t know what to do? Call or come in to see Dr. Chang to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals. Our friendly Beatitude team will figure out the best value package for you!

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*Services described on this page with an asterisk symbol indicates that the treatment is performed by Beatitude Staff. Otherwise, all services are performed by Dr. Chang.

All specials end 10/31/2019, so call us today!

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.