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Do Collagen Powders, Creams, and Injections Reduce Wrinkles?

Collagen is a type of molecule in the skin that keeps it elastic and supple. Collagen is a protein connective tissue cell that helps the skin to “bounce back” after making facial expressions.

This youth-giving component diminishes with age, making the skin look dull, dehydrated, and wrinkled. Estimates show that by age 25, people begin to lose about 1% per year of collagen in the body. When a woman reaches menopause, she will lose about one-third of her collagen in the following five years.

And here’s the big question: it this process reversible? Yes and no. I’m Dr. Aeria Chang, and today I’ll be helping you to better understand how to get the most out of your skin, no matter your age.

Collagen Powder, Creams, and Injections

Collagen Powder

Does collagen powder work to reduce wrinkles? Dr. Aeria Chang | San Diego (619) 280-1609

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Collagen powder is all the rage these days; keto dieters, beauty seekers, and people with joint pain can’t drink it down fast enough. But does it really work?

About three-fourths of your body’s “dry weight” (minus water) is made of collagen! So, it seems logical to ingest it so that your body can replace what is being lost due to age.

Collagen powder has shown positive results in clinical studies. Research over the last six years has shown that drinking collagen powder improves skin elasticity, wrinkles, skin hydration, blood flow to the skin, and joint pain.

Because the body loses collagen faster than it can produce it, drinking collagen appears to make a small difference (studies have shown a 6% increase in collagen). Due to the aging process and its effect on collagen breakdown, there is no way to maintain the body’s collagen levels with age. Some loss is inevitable.

Collagen Cream

Boost collagen with cosmetic procedures - Dr. Aeria Chang | San Diego (619) 280-1609

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Skin care products with collagen can be tempting to buy because the labels advertise that your skin will absorb it and look younger. However, that is simply untrue.

Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate deep into the collagen layer of the skin (where it counts), so most of it just sits on the surface.

Skip collagen skincare products in favor of ingredients that work well on the skin’s surface such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid.

Collagen Injections

People have been getting collagen injections in the skin for many years, with good aesthetic results. However, it can cause allergic reactions in some people (swelling, redness, and itching), and results do not last very long. In my own aesthetic practice, I do not inject collagen for those reasons.

Dermal Fillers & Cosmetic Procedures to Boost Collagen

The most exciting part of my practice is giving my patients a more youthful look by boosting collagen production in the skin. It can be done! For the very best results, I often use hyaluronic acid and/or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections in conjunction with the below procedures.

I use advanced technologies to boost collagen production:

  • Lutronic Genius
  • Plasma Pen
  • Agnes RF (Radiofrequency)
  • Thermage CPT

Most injectable dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which draws water into the skin in the treated areas. An added benefit is that some formulas also stimulate collagen production for a double benefit.

Come in today for a consultation to see which treatments and procedures can give you a more youthful appearance. Since 2008, I have been providing aesthetic treatments and stunning results in San Diego. Call me today at (619) 280-1609.


To a More Youthful Looking You,

Dr. Aeria Chang





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