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Which Cosmetic Devices Offer a Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck?

Before I get into the details of each of these devices, it’s important to mention that no device on the market can compete with the results that you can get from tummy tuck surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon. Having said that, let’s talk about skin tightening & lifting devices that work beautifully on …. read more

Cosmetic Treatments Spotlight: Exilis Ultra and Lutronic Genius

Skin gives its first clues that it’s getting older by showing dullness, sagging, and a lack of firmness. Since the face is often the first body area to show aging, I’ve come up with a list of the top two cosmetic devices I use to help patients look younger, no matter their age. Be sure …. read more

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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