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Can You Exercise After BOTOX?

Many of our patients are excited to get back to their regular routine as soon as they get BOTOX Cosmetic injections. Some of these things might include applying makeup (such as foundation), going to the beach, or exercising.

There are a few reasons why we tell our patients to wait for a short time before getting back into the swing of things…at the top of this list is working out.

Injection Site Risks

The place where the needle is injected into the skin and muscle is referred to as the “injection site.” This is a sensitive area where the skin has been broken by the needle. Additionally, the area is sensitive because the botulinum toxinA has been injected inside the muscle tissue, where it needs to stay put.

Because the BOTOX takes several hours to settle in to the muscle tissue, it is important not to touch your face because that could push the BOTOX away from the injection site. If that occurs, the BOTOX could spread to other areas, which could temporarily paralyze muscles you did not intend to affect.

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Exercise also causes sweating, which can put pressure on the skin at the injection sites. Additionally, sweat is usually wiped off the skin (such as with a towel), which can press the injection site and lead to migration of the BOTOX into unwanted areas.

Bottom line: Most doctors advise not to exercise for at least four hours after BOTOX injections, but my preference is for patients to wait for 24 hours to be absolutely safe.

Exercise Gets Muscles Moving and Blood Pumping

In any other context, getting your “pump on” is a good thing, a healthy addition to your active lifestyle. However, when it comes to BOTOX injections, this is not a good thing.

For example, let’s talk about lifting weights. The act of lifting something heavy automatically raises blood pressure, which increases both the volume and pressure of blood in your blood vessels that run through your facial muscles and skin.

When you have had BOTOX injections, raising your blood pressure before the BOTOX has had the chance to settle into facial muscles can literally push it away from where it was injected. The unintended side effect is that the BOTOX can spread to nearby muscles, paralyzing them. Not good!

Another consideration when working out is that it puts your body under strenuous activity, which can cause you to grimace your facial muscles. Think about the weight lifting example…Grimacing, frowning, and other dramatic facial expressions can potentially cause BOTOX to spread away from the injection site.

Bottom line: Working out is a great way to stay healthy by engaging in cardiovascular activity and weight-bearing exercise. When it comes to BOTOX, this can work against you, causing the BOTOX to migrate. Wait 24 hours before working out.

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So, can you exercise after BOTOX? Not right away! Wait 24 hours before working out to avoid pressing on the injection sites, sweating, raising your blood pressure, and straining facial muscles. Once the BOTOX has settled in after 24 hours, you’ll be good to get back to your regular exercise routine.

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