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Age Spots and Sun Spots: What Are My Treatment Options?

Sun spots, age spots, brown spots… whatever you call them, pigmentation problems can really get in the way of clear, beautiful skin. Brown spots are notoriously difficult to get rid of (those at-home creams aren’t very effective), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t treatable. With the right advice and a few carefully chosen treatments, you can fade and even eliminate those spots. Dr. Chang has extensive experience treating pigmentation problems and we have an array of devices and treatments available.

What Causes Pigmentation Problems Like Age Spots and Sun Spots?

Many pigmentation problems are caused, or made worse, by sun exposure. Some, like melasma, are caused by hormonal changes in women, including pregnancy or birth control pills. Whatever the cause, you do have options. We typically recommend that all patients limit their sun exposure during and after treatment. If you continue sun exposure, treating brown spots and age spots can be extremely difficult. Sun exposure during treatment can also lead to some serious side effects, including blistering, hyperpigmentation and even scarring. Sun likely played a role in the development of your pigmentation problems; change your habits and start practicing sun safety. Your skin will thank you.

Age Spots and Brown Spots: What Treatments Are Available?

We have many treatment options available for patients with pigmentation problems. Some treatments target the melanin in the skin (the pigment that causes the darkened skin). These treatments are only advised for patients with lighter skin.

  • Fotofacial: The Fotofacial is Dr. Chang’s preferred method for treating brown spots on the chest. It is very flexible and allows her to choose the right setting for each patient.
  • Spectra 532nm Q-switched laser: The Spectra laser targets melanin in even deep layers of the skin. It can destroy even severe hyperpigmentation.
  • GentleMax’s 755nm Alexandrite laser: A great option for fading brown spots and pigmentation problems, the GentleMax gives Dr. Chang a lot of versatility in treatment since it has multiple wavelengths available. This treatment also promotes collagen production for younger looking skin.

Patients with darker skin will have the best results by choosing treatments that resurface the skin, rather than targeting the pigment specifically. These include:

  • Fraxel DUAL laser: Fraxel allows Dr. Chang to only treat the skin that needs it. This accelerates healing while still providing stunning results.
  • SkinFinity: Safe for all skin types and requiring no downtime, the SkinFinity device is a great option for reducing brown spots and rejuvenating the skin.

Most patients will need a series of treatments (1-3 treatments for mild to moderate cases, 3-5 treatments for more severe cases) and a maintenance brightening or lightening cream after treatment.

Do you have brown spots, age spots, or other pigmentation problems? Come see us and enjoy brighter, more even skin.

Patient Stories Dr. Chang has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. I went in for a consultation to have fillers under my eyes. Instead I was educated on my facial anatomy. I agreed to some fillers in my forehead and cheeks instead and could not be more pleased with the outcome.
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