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7 Tips to Reduce Underarm Sweating

Reducing Underarm SweatmiraDry for excessive underarm sweat

It’s Thanksgiving and you’re about to meet your future in-laws for the first time. Knowing you need to make a good impression, you spend the morning showering, shaving, and pressing your favorite shirt. But by the time you get to Thanksgiving dinner and take off your jacket, you notice two big wet spots forming under your arms. Mortified, you excuse yourself to the bathroom to stuff your shirt with toilet paper and attempt to disguise the stains.

Embarrassing as it may be, sweating is an important, natural process for regulating the body’s internal temperature. Normally, the body sweats to cool itself during exercise or hot weather. But some medical conditions can cause the sweat glands to work overtime, soaking your shirt at the most inconvenient moments. Those with excessive sweating not only have to deal with damp clothing, but also body odor, stains, and social anxiety at work and in relationships.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce underarm sweating and avoid situations like the one above.

Don’t let underarm sweating prevent you from enjoying life’s important moments.

Your first day at a new job; proposing to the love of your life; standing at the altar on your wedding day – these are the moments you’ll remember forever. Don’t allow uncontrollable underarm sweating to make you feel self-conscious, anxious, or downright embarrassed when you’re supposed to feel nothing but joy. If you’re ready to get your underarm sweating under control once and for all, call us.

At Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine in San Diego, we’re proud to be among the first medical spas to offer miraDry®. It’s the only treatment on the market that’s been proven to dramatically reduce underarm sweating in a way that’s safe and effective. At your consultation, Dr. Chang will meet with you personally to discuss your goals, budget, and lifestyle to ensure the proper course of treatment. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!



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