Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine Medical Spa & Beauty Salon in San Diego, California

Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine Medical Spa in San Diego, California

Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine in San Diego, California was founded in 2008 by Dr. Aeria Chang. Her passion was to deliver natural-looking cosmetic results at a Medical Spa safely for all skin types, with little to no pain and little to no down time. With rapid advances in aesthetic technology, she has been able to remain true to this passion. Here are some of the reasons that make Beatitude a unique Beauty Salon:

No Surgery, No Down Time, No Pain at our Beauty Salon


“I am awed by each person’s unique beauty, and it’s a wonderful thing to watch as an individual discovers and appreciates their God-given beauty. As my clients experience outward transformations, there’s a ripple effect into other areas of their lives. I can now confidently say that we truly change lives – one client at a time. It is my hope and desire that my clients will experience and achieve Beatitude – beautiful attitude – not only in the physical dimension, but in intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms as well.”

-Dr. Aeria Chang

Dr. Chang believes that each person is a composite of body, soul, and spirit. She is humbled by each person’s UNIQUE beauty, a reflection of internal and external attributes. In fact, the name Beatitude means blessings and beautiful attitude. She believes in celebrating beauty in ourselves, in others, in nature, and in the created works of talented fellow human beings. Finally, she views Matthew Chapter 5 as the highest standard by which Christians can live out their faith.

Dr. Aeria Chang Founder and CEO

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